Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a lot of garter stitch

The very first thing I learned to knit was a scarf. I remember that lesson well and if I had to guess I would say it was about 14 years ago. There were 6 women in the class which was in the evening in NYC and we were told to bring worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles. I also remember how I pretty much understood nothing after that first lesson and how frustrating it was for me. I went back the next week and slowly started to get the hang of it. I knit ever so slowly while my hands got used to holding the needles (the hardest part for me) and trying to keep my tension in the wool even. I leaned that I preferred one way of knitting over the other on a subway ride when a very kind passenger who was observing told me that there was another way of knitting that may be easier as she watched me fumbling with my needles. It turns out I'm a thrower rather then a picker. Another way of describing this is that I knit English style rather then Continental holding my yarn in my right hand. Though I can pick (continental) the other just comes more easily to me.

So, here we are 14 years later revisiting that very first project. A long garter stitch scarf measuring eight inches wide. Yes, it was a bit boring to knit but, also very comforting and quiet. To be honest it was pretty damn nice and with these frigid days in the middle of winter almost perfect. I still love my first scarf... it's the perfect shade of red and because it's my first and started what will be a lifetime of knitting it represents so much more. How nice to celebrate that!

How to knit this scarf:
Cast on 40 stitches using size 8 needles with worsted weight yarn. You will need at least 400 yards. Knit back and forth knitting or slipping the first stitch of every row (slipping will give your ends a more even look) until you reach the desired length. This one is 60" long. Cast off.
The End!

Here is link to the yarn I used: Fisherman's Wool Yarn in Oak Tweed.

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