Monday, June 10, 2013

geranium dress #2

This morning I have a geranium dress to show you made using this magical fabric that was introduced to me by Elizabeth. The colors and scenes really pop out of this fabric and any little girl wearing it will feel special.

I had a hard time deciding on the style of dress I wanted it to be but, since I have had so much luck with the geranium pattern and by luck I mean she loves to wear it (not always the case) I went with it.

She graduated from preschool on Friday and also had her dance recital recently performing in three dances: a ballet, tap and the finale. June has been a very busy and exciting month so far!


Celia said...

Great job. That pattern is just adorable, I love the vintage feel.

Elizabeth said...

It turned out lovely :) The style looks so cute on her, and oh that fabric! So darn cute ;0