Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing

I purchased The Liberty Book of Home Sewing recently and am pretty in love with many designs in the book.

I chose the Rose Corsage first because I had all the materials on hand and thought it was pretty. Though I have made quite a few fabric flowers over the years what I liked about this one was that it involved fusing two Liberty prints together so that although it is not reversible there is another print on the backside. This provided it with a sculptural quality which allows for moving the petals a bit and giving them more shape and structure.

Hand sewing this was fun though a bit difficult because although I did use a strong needle getting it to push through all of the fabrics required some leverage a few times. Still, I want to make more. I think I might try the book covers next.

Here a few of my favorites in the book:

Another review here.


melissa said...

i have this book too, and i love it. your flower corsage is beautiful- i'm inspired to try one, too! :)

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