Tuesday, November 22, 2011

chocolate bar coasters

The cold weather is arriving and drinking warm beverages is one of the best things about this time of year. I recently remembered seeing a tutorial on the Purl Bee last year for chocolate bar coasters and decided to knit some up. The pattern drew me in because it is a nice textured pattern, one that is easy to wind down with at the end of the night and it included the magic word - chocolate - in the title.

Hot Chocolate is a treat I indulge in a few times a week and believe it or not I don't take mine with marshmallows. I like it most rich like drinking chocolate or chocolate soup but sometimes a good old fashioned milk chocolate cocoa or one with spices or mint is what I crave. I really like the Jacques Torres and MarieBelle blends. Do you have any favorites? I'd love to hear about them.

I think these coasters would make an excellent resting spot and they are made from machine washable wool so no worries and since I made more then my fair share I think it would be safe to say someone will be seeing these under their tree this year.

Odds and Ends:

*We had a birthday last week- Matthew is SIX.
*I opened up a Big Cartel store and the link is on the right. I will be adding more items (only two right now) soon so please check back.
*My childhood desk made it's way to my home over the weekend. This desk was also my Mom's as a child so it's pretty special and I really needed extra storage for all my crafty odds and ends. It makes me happy to have this piece in my home. I remember all my Little Women dolls lined up on one shelf and a little Native American doll on the other but, I can't remember who was next to her. I remember writing in my diary and doing my homework here.
*I am working away on my quilt.


how to play mkv files said...

These chocolate bar coasters is best for winter. I wish I had this coasters. As I am impress with its colour combinations and design!

Technology Innovation said...

Wonderful chocolate bar coasters. It is perfect for winter. Good colour combination and designs.

Maria Jesus said...

Hi Nancy, these coasters are so beautiful.
Im beginning on knitting and your work is great inspiration for me.
What point did you use for the brown/white coasters?
Do you have a a pattern?

Best from Chile!