Thursday, November 17, 2011

black halter top

I realize it is November but, I made up this top in the summer. It actually started off as a romper but then something went wrong and I turned it into a top. She didn't actually wind up wearing it but it is roomy and long enough that it will be worn next year and it is super soft and comfortable. The pattern is a vintage one but I needed to adjust it because it was too small. So, a lot of alterations on this one and a completely different beginning from ending but, as it winds up I think it is just perfect and super cute which is why I mention it at all here in the first place because when this happens it really is exciting and like a little sewing miracle. I can not recommend the organic cotton jersey from Alabama Chanin enough. She loves to 'play sew' on this great wooden one I bought a few years back.


convert to vob said...
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Music recovery said...

What a adorable little girl! Love your sharing!