Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a milo of her own

A little vest named Milo. The pattern is here and was a nice easy knit. I used very soft alpaca by Classic Elite. I only had 2 skeins and used all of it. I wished I had not made mittens from the other so I could have made it a bit longer as I had to eliminate a few inches off the bottom. A size smaller needle in the straps/garter section I think would help with sizing. Hopefully it fits a few months down the road. I think it will.

Today, we cut lily of the valley and brought them inside. The house smells amazing. We also made tiny bouquets for M's teachers tied with yellow yarn. The other children brought beautiful store bought flowers but, I think there is something extra special about ones from your own yard.

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melissa said...

isn't lily of the valley amazing?Q i love its smell. your garden must be gorgeous right now.
i love that sweet wee top too.