Saturday, May 8, 2010

ladybug picnic dress

Daddy's shirt had a rip in the elbow. What better excuse to re-use/recycle and make a little girl's dress. I remember when I bought this shirt for Mick. It was years ago and I was assisting a prop stylist and running around NYC picking out clothes for an ad shoot. This shirt caught my eye. I always have loved plaid.

There are quite a few tutorials out there for refashioning men's shirts into little girls dresses but, I didn't use one for this just took some measurements and cut and sewed.

A few jellybeans helped Ms. S agree to do this shoot...getting her to model these days isn't always easy and when I try to take photos outside she runs away from me giggling. Oh, two year funny.


Amy said...

I love it! very cute! I have always wanted to try doing this.

melissa said...

super cute! your little girl is beautiful.

urban craft said...

nice job with the upcycled shirt.
She's a perfect model. She's got that "Yeah, I know I am beautiful, this photoshoot is boring me" look.