Wednesday, April 28, 2010

braided necklace

I made this necklace about a month ago and forgot to mention it. I actually do that all the time.
It's made from 3 long fabric strips cut about a half inch wide and then braided and sewn down at the end of the braids. I didn't use a tutorial for this but, am positive there are some out there. If anyone knows where feel free to chime in on the comments. You need to make sure your fabric strips are longer then you want the necklace because the braiding will shorten it.
It's one of those necklaces that are great for the super hot days of summer which I am not ready for yet as I am really enjoying Spring. I am only anxious to put some of the seedlings we have going in the ground. Thankfully, I'm patient enough to wait since it dipped below 50 degrees and that is not cool with the tomato plants.

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melissa said...

i really like this- it's simple and stylish. your version is beautiful!