Friday, June 19, 2009

sashiko embroidery

I recently became fascinated with sashiko embroidery and splurged with some samplers and supplies from Purl Soho.
I find this to be a very meditative craft and as I work I can think through the day and things in my head and just let myself become entranced by doing the same stitch over and over.

This here is a close-up view of my first one. I am already at work on another and plan to do 3-5. I will either make these into pillows or frame them
as a grouping when I am finished.

The supplies for this type of embroidery are sashiko thread, needle and thimble. Since I was using a sampler I didn't need to purchase fabric. A cotton/linen blend would be perfect.

It is a bit different then embroidery in that you do not need to use a hoop or separate the strands. This is good project to bring along to the park and is really quite simple. The one I am working on presently looks more complicated but, is made easier with a chart letting me know which direction to work first. I think that tension is a challenge here not to get puckering which I can see I did get a bit of. Also, an accurate stitch length. It would also be nice to add a touch of this type of embroidery to something you already have. A pincushion and wool skirt come to mind.

It is a concerted effort for me to relax so it is nice to have some crafts which allow me to do this.


Denise said...

very pretty. I've been thinking like crazy about embroidery lately, wanting to break out of knitting a little bit.

Also, I purchased the last of your felt brooches today at Mackey Blue as a birthday gift for my sister. It's so adorable I might find myself keeping it.

lili scratchy said...

Hello Nancy!
Thank you very much for your visit
and your so friendly commentary!
Yes I can sell some pieces,the little tasse you saw are at 50 € piece.
If you're interested I will send you more photos.
I'm very happy to have discovered your blog too!
Have a nice day,

Bird Bath said...

hello! I've been interested in sashiko for a while too, this year I've made little attempts at it. I like it's rhtythm and simple pattern.

Anonymous said...

It's really beautiful. I love the idea of being able to do it all day, thinking about things, meditating. Lucky!!!