Wednesday, June 17, 2009

black and white seersucker with a side of mint julep

Okay, there actually aren't any mint juleps in this post. Mick just thought that these are the type of pants that should be enjoyed while sitting on a porch swing in the summer sipping mint juleps which actually I don't think either of us has ever had. He has requested I make some for him. Pants and mint juleps.

Matty Gray thinks they are jumping pants.
I always give him a bit of an introduction before he leaps as if he is some sort of rock star.

The instructions for these pajama pants are in Weekend Sewing. They sew up in a snap.


kristi said...

i LOVE these pants. i swear everywhere i look online i see someone else who has made these pants. i have a hold on the book at our library, and i can't wait to look through it. maybe i'll even be brave enough to sew the pants...

AND how cute is your son?! adorable.

i threw a big party for rick's 40th last summer and he requested mint juleps, but i rebelled b/c you have to mix them beforehand and i thought it would be way too complicated for 50+ we still haven't tried them. if you do first, let me know if you like them!

poisonivyleague said...

umm.... that's it, next time i come, we'll drink mint juleps and i won't forget my strawberries. thanks for a lovely afternoon. xoxox

Fine Little Day said...

Looks like comfortable pants. Happy pics :)