Saturday, June 27, 2009

embroidered baby dress

Who made it?
For whom?

So many questions.....

My Mom has been cleaning out her attic and found this gorgeous dress in a box of old linens.
She is going through the linens and washing everything carefully.
I haven't taken a peek at those yet.

Tucked between the layers, this lovely handmade and stitched baby dress. Most likely was made by a relative of ours -a grandmother, great aunt or great grandmother. I am in awe of all the detailed tiny stitches and the time spent on making this dress.

The embroidery and cross stitching is so pretty. It does show sign of wear and age but is in decent condition.

Here are some detail images.

I think this will fit Scarlet although I haven't tried it on yet.


amy said...

The dress is gorgeous! What a great find!

Anonymous said...

That dress is so beautiful! It's breath taking!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my, this is beautiful. How nice for you to belong to it's history.