Monday, February 16, 2009

pretty corners

I was tagged a while back to show the fourth photo in the fourth folder in my image file by Kristi which happened to be a corner of my studio. I have shown this photo to you before.
I love this corner and it is one that happens to stay neat and tidy.

I thought I would play along since this provided a nice opportunity to show another corner. This is in Ms. S's room. The beautiful rag doll is by Jess Brown and it was a birthday present I gave to Scarlet. I actually bought it several months ago and it was wrapped up and hidden in the attic. I don't know how I managed not to unwrap it myself.

I like to imagine the doll has just finished with her ironing and is now going to get ready to snuggle up under her quilt and eat a cake. Perhaps this doll is feeling a little tired after all her hard work. I can relate.

For fun please take a look here at this video of a girl with her Jess Brown doll. It is so sweet and wonderful.


kristi said...

yay! thanks for sharing! i LOVE that pink cabinet. how romantic. i'm a complete sucker for things like this; even if i don't have a place to put it, i want to bring it home with me. and the doll is too sweet!

Carolyn said...

I just love handmade dolls (make them myself too). I always wonder why girls are so drawn more toward American Girl type dolls. They're beautiful but hard to snuggle with. You doll is very sweet!

noyab said...