Friday, February 1, 2008

handmade valentines

I made these sweet Valentine Cards using the instructions from the Purl Bee. I love making my own cards and I always do handmade valentines's. I loved the color scheme so I went with the same color cardstock but at a slightly bigger size, 4x6 inches, and I used fabric I had on hand.

Last year I made these

I do like Valentine's Day not the red roses, Hallmark thing but the crafty, retro, historical warm feeling behind it. Oh, and little kids passing out pasted Valentine's cards to each other is really the best too.

Last year we watched Marie Antoinette(such a good film) and had cheese fondue (yum!)which is pretty close to what we will do again this year. I like to keep it simple.

Here are some more great Valentine's crafts I'd like to try but most likely won't get to. Why don't you?

Decoupaged valentine buckets to fill with treats found here

A very pretty paper heart garland found here

-MSL wrapped store bought candy bars done up nice and retro here


Dacia said...

i love making my own valentines cards too! yours are very sweet.

Crystal said...

Super cute!