Sunday, February 3, 2008

6. 5st wrap cardigan

I had set a goal in my mind to finish this baby sweater before the baby was born. Once I set my mind to something I can be very determined. The knitting I did in spurts over the past month with merino yarn on size 3 US needles in a color I fell in love with and purchased at NYS Sheep and Wool. I knitted it for size 3 months. You can see one band is wider. That is not in the pattern but, I wound up liking it and left it in.

I love the color as it is rich yet variegated and in a muted shade. I paired it with vintage wood buttons given to me by a dear friend (thank you Anna K) and Japanese linen fabric purchased last year from Kitty-Craft. The sewing of the panel to the knit piece took 3 tries to get right. The pattern which intimidated me a little was not so hard after all. Sometimes your mind makes things harder but, when you step back and breathe it all makes sense.

More shots on my flickr.

Pattern can be purchased here


carrie said...

the cardigan is so sweet, and i love the wood buttons. hope you're feeling better!

Felicia said...

Its beautiful :)

amy said...

the cardigan is beautiful!

blazedanielle said...

That is the most darling little sweater I have ever seen! :) Gorgeous color too!!