Friday, February 19, 2016

kimono in paper garden

Faced with this half yard of seasonal Liberty of London the word kimono came to mind and instantly it was like it couldn't become anything else. Something about it clearly said Kimono!

Then I looked at the name of the print...paper garden...yes, it just fit so perfectly.
I hadn't made a kimono in years and since I only had enough for a new baby size that's what it became.

Of course, I want to make bigger ones now and I hope I can purchase some fabric for more soon.
This one is destined for the gift box awaiting the next baby gift needed.

I've got a lot in the sewing queue lately- a summer romper for Scarlet and a wrap skirt for me to name a few.

I am thinking of doing some animal masks and sleeping masks with the bits of Liberty I have an putting them up in the shop. What do you think? Here are just a few other things I've made with small pieces: memory game, quilts, envelopes.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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