Tuesday, September 9, 2014

loop collar 2

I've been caught up and have been neglecting this space for too long. I am going to make an effort to improve my behavior but, with patience and a bit at a time.

There have been adventures and first days of school and new things started and somethings finished.

Today, I'll show you my second loop collar because it's a really fun knit and can be started and finished in a day which is a nice sense of accomplishment which I admit I need in my craft projects. I used Blue Sky Alpaca in super bulky in color 1008 black bear. The color is much harder to photograph being dark and solid but it looks great in person.
I am pretty excited to pair these with jackets and coats this Autumn.

I knit a size 6 month baby sweater a few weeks ago over four days as a commission and am almost done with a union suit for size 12 months. I have alternated between trying to organize and sew in the attic and now that the weather has been cooperating (since yesterday) and cooled off some piecing of quilts has been happening. I am embarking on a calligraphy course this week which I am excited about. A few days worth of garden work has involved a lot of clean out and thinking about some fall crops.

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