Friday, June 6, 2014

a beautiful hike in nj

This is a bit off topic from what I normally discuss on my blog but, I wanted to share these photos from a really beautiful place to go hiking in NJ. Lately, I have been on the lookout for new places to go that are within an hours drive that are family friendly and free. While browsing instagram I came accross photos that a woman posted of their hike and was immediately drawn to the location. I found out that the location was Wawayanda State Park and the trail is called Stairway to Heaven. This trail has some really beautiful terrain and narrow boardwalks about 3 times the size of a balance beam in some areas as you cross over fields of wildflowers, cow pastures, accross train tracks, grassy areas (I comtemplated whether some of the groupings of sticks and straw were deer beds) and wooded areas. If you want you can also hike some of the Appalachian trail while you are there.

The photo of the wildflowers below were a mix of flowers that I picked and ones left behind by someone else that I found on a bridge. I found the sentiment so lovely and I carried them for some time before leaving them behind with the ones I had in hopes of them reseeding and continuing. Fast forward 4 days later and the same beautiful family who hiked there the week before me and I were wondering if it was her bouquet. It turned out not to be but, I so love the idea of people picking the wildflowers and then leaving them behind. I realize more and more that what is natural and spiritual to me is finding, creating and making beauty. It's when I feel the most in tune with myself.

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