Monday, November 11, 2013

woven placemat

I've bookmarked a lot of the projects in Lena Corwin's new book Made by Hand. There are so many good ones.

The first one I have finished was my friend Jaime's project: a woven placemat.
You need to make your own loom for this project which was fairly simple - I ordered the screen printing frame from Dick Blick and the nails are hammered in on the two vertical sides leaving the horizontal sides free to weave.

The fabric is cut into 1" strips of two different fabrics for the warp and weft (I used Liberty of London and a linen/cotton blend) and weave away. I thought I cut the weft fabric correctly but it frayed a lot as I was weaving perhaps because of the friction but I am not sure so I will try a different fabric next time for that.

Here are few of many of the projects I would like to make.

beaded necklaces


I am likely to knit Jenny Gordy's sock pattern first but, we will see.

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