Friday, December 9, 2011

christmas decorating and some knitting projects

I haven't been here very much lately because I have been so busy but, I thought I'd pop in to say hello and show you some of our Christmas decor and a few knitting projects I have on on the go.

The purple one is a shawl and I'm about to start the lace section. It's Flukra and I'm knitting it with Sanguine Gryphon yarn. Flukra means "snow falling gently in large flakes." So beautiful.

The brown is another Peaks Island Hood in Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair. It was so fun to knit the first one and I had yarn for another.

-I learned about the Japanese art of Ikebana this week at my garden club meeting. It was a very interesting look at flower arrangement.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Amelia Plum said...

your tree looks great. whenever i see all your great knitting projects i keep telling myself i've got to pick that up again. hope you enjoy your weekend.