Monday, April 20, 2009

my birthday

*Me on my 1st Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated with a quiet day at home, some gardening, a dinner out with family and of course a cake- lemon with cream cheese frosting made by my Mom. Yum!

My celebration started Friday night after a very tough parenting day due to the boy being sick. Ugh!

I got dressed up in this skirt. I love to use any opportunity to get fancy. In fact, I often get somewhat fancy even when I am just staying home all day with the kids. That is just my way.

We had hoped to go to a Italian restaurant but, once we arrived there we discovered they were on vacation so we headed to a Turkish restaurant instead. Normally, I eat early with the kids as Mick gets home too late for us to eat together so I was starving! It was around 9 PM at this time. We had a mezze of all kinds of hot and cold appetizers and baklava for dessert. There was a belly dancer when we first got there sword dancing on the floor but, it was the tail end of her performance. I actually used to belly dance myself (haha!).

Saturday we went to see the Cherry Blossoms at Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ. The day was incredible. So sunny and warm it was like summer. Sweet photo of Daddy and Ms. S. I kept thinking I would see an ice cream truck to get a popsicle but, it didn't happen. Oh well! My husband used to drive a Mr. Softee truck in his early 20's before I met him. I like to envision him still doing this (part time though- someone has to pay the bills) because come on that is super cute, no?

I got a lot of great presents many of which go in the dirt:

Azaleas, Rose Bushes, Hydrangea, Mountain Laurel,Tomato Plants, Impatiens, Dianthus.

I also got a cute travel jewelry wallet from Carrie Girl that I love. My husband went into my Etsy favorites (smart) and this beautiful necklace from White Apple. A pair of FSNY shoes because I wouldn't throw out the ones I had with holes on the bottom that I had already resoled after a trip to Scotland 3 years ago. (the tops are too ruined to bother repairing now.) And, from the kids a pair of sunglasses and an IOU for a bicycle basket- presents that my Matty Gray decided on. He also wanted to get me a kitty but, we will wait on another pet for a while. And, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross which looks amazing. So many great patterns in there. Also, some money to spend which is always exciting. Now to decide what to get...

Mick did a lot of work in the front garden and it's so exciting to see it coming back to life. We put some grass down where there was a big area of mulch. We still have a ways to go with the planters but we have some herbs, chives, lettuces, chard, rhubarb and cauliflower plants going right now. And all the berries got their leaves and the fruit trees are blossoming. I hope to edge out the back flower garden next weekend because the one side was never edged properly.

I picked daffodils and lilacs from our lilac tree and my Mom brought flowers for the table too. I had fun decorating the table and gave myself a fancy dessert plate in which to eat my cake from. I dressed Scarlet in one of my baby dresses for fun.

I also finished up knitting the red top last night.

Are you still with me? I know I don't usually write this much.
Oh well! I felt like blabbing on and on.
Hope you had good weekend too.


kristi said...

those are awesome presents! what a haul. that necklace is just exquisite! it's fun to hear you talking about yourself. :)

is that red top you knitted for yourself or s.? i can't tell from the photo. either way, i love the cap sleeves especially. ok i love the color too.

glad you had such a great weekend!

carriegirl said...

i had no idea the wallet was going to you!! i'm glad you had a happy birthday, nancy! i can't wait to see pictures of your garden:)

Amelia Plum said...

happy birthday nancy! that cakes looks yummy! and it looks like you got a bunch of nice gifts as well. glad that you enjoyed your weekend. i love your going out skirt too.

Fine Little Day said...

Happy birthday :)

amy said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday!

melissa said...

happy birthday, lady! sounds like a really fun weekend. :)

blazedanielle said...

What an adorable photo of you!! And Happy Birthday! I hope your day was wonderful! It sounds like a lovely one!