Thursday, April 2, 2009

linen top

Happy April!

Today- a new top for me of soft lightweight brown linen.
I felt like making something for myself yesterday.

The pattern is (Built By Wendy's) Simplicity 3835.
I decided to sew a little loop with embroidery floss center front so I can change out ribbons to tie in a bow if I please or just string through as I did with this little piece of velvet.

As I was taking these photos in the backyard a little bunny decided to join me and this one was not camera shy in the least.


The Small Object said...

oh! i like how the shirt looks in linen, might have to relook at that pattern. love it!

kristi said...

so cute! and you look lovely in it! i love the color.

rosine said...

I really love the blouse, and your blog:)

Amelia Plum said...

the blouse turned out great nancy and that picture of the little bunny is so cute!

Fine Little Day said...

Oh my :)!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE looks so cute on you! Love the colors you picked :)