Tuesday, May 20, 2008

spring branches

My friend Gwynne says in her bio

I am always lured by the dream imagery that haunts me. It is the fruit and essence of my existence, the world that intrigues me most. I have always felt torn, one foot down to earth, the other in the skies.

I too am a sort of person who lives life both in reality and partially in an imaginary world I create. I like to fantasize and romanticize and sort of look at things through fogged glasses sometimes. I feel it is a good quality and close to they way the mind of childhood works or the way you feel deeply immersed when reading good fiction.

With that said, I had picked up some branches on my block a few weeks ago thinking how lovely they were. I'd actually been thinking of doing crafty things with branches for years and decided to go ahead and do something about it. I used vintage and new bits and bobs I had. I love the idea here of incorporating the natural with the illusion of the natural, the fantasy. Then of course, one could also think about the sourcing of the objects here such as spun cotton and paper which is also an interesting aspect bringing it back to the natural.