Thursday, May 29, 2008


After seeing Melissa's cowl I was smitten and knew it would be a quick, satisfying and wearable knit. Although I most likely won't be wearing it for several months unless we get a cold snap which I wouldn't be fond of considering all the planting I've done.

I haven't finished the first cowl I started back when it was Winter because I ran out of yarn and have not bothered to buy more of it because I'm secretly hoping my friend who gave it to me might have one more skein. Anna, are you reading?

So, there I was at my new lys and Malabrigo was staring at me and I've been wanting to try this yarn for quite a while now and it was so soft and pretty and so I plopped down my cash and came home with it.

So, here it is and it's so comforting.. a little like your favorite stuffie or blanket when you are little that you carry everywhere.

Dolores Park Cowl
Yarn- Malabrigo Chunky in Damask
Needles - Size 13 24" circular


Anonymous said...

What fun! And that pink color is so pretty!!!

Amelia Plum said...

that is a lovely pink color and it does look scrumptiously soft. looks like the perfect thing for fall.

amy said...

very cute! and the color is wonderful!

Marcia said...

It's great! With all this talk of cowls, I started one too. It is actually a great project for this time of year as it is so quick. It would make for a nice gift.

cookie said...

what a gorgeous colour, it looks totally cosy.