Tuesday, April 19, 2016

road trip to virginia

 We road tripped to Virginia last Wednesday through Sunday and visited Charlottesville and Williamsburg. The weather was gorgeous! There was lots of history, exploration, beautiful gardens and dining out. We even ran into two families from home we knew!  Of course there is a  ton missing from these photos like the downtown of Charlottesville, the Maplewood cemetery that was across the street from where we were staying!, the winery, Williamsburg and all the craftspeople in Historic Williamsburg.
I think I was so excited to be outdoors so much in Spring that my brain focused mostly on the flowers.

1) Monticello

2) College of William and Mary

3) College of William and Mary

4) Monticello

5) Monticello

6) Monticello

7) Monticello

 8) Monticello

9) Monticello

10) Monticello

11) Monticello

12) Monticello

13) Monticello

14) College of William and Mary

15) Colonial Williamsburg

16) Colonial Williamsburg

17) Colonial Williamsburg

18) Colonial Williamsburg

19) Colonial Williamsburg

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