Friday, November 6, 2015

vampire pop star and robin hood

This year the kids went as Robin Hood - M and a Vampire Pop Star- S.

The vampire costume was borrowed from a friends daughter. I had to use my creativity in the makeup and fang dept. only which came out okay and we added a black wig and microphone.

Matthew's Robin Hood came together in the last few days. For his, I used his wardrobe. I cut a black tee and made holes to lace with cotton yarn over a green long sleeve and brown corduroy's.
We bought women's boots used that looked like Robin Hood for $10 and a bow and arrow. The hat and cape were made with a green velvet upholstery weight remnant I had in my craft room. The hat was very easy and there are many tutorials online if you find yourself in need to make one. The cape was just a shape I made up out of a rectangle. The sides were hemmed (one on a slight angle) and a seam was made at the back of the neck to resemble a hood (non-functioning).

It was a lot of fun and a two day celebration.

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