Thursday, June 4, 2015

star quilt in natural dyed muslin

This week I told myself I would finish a quilt. I've a few sitting around.

I had done the quilting by machine several weeks ago but, regretted it and needed to do some unpicking along the border which is why it was sitting around. I know I am not alone with the regret of not hand quilting. It would have been effective since I found it difficult to keep the lines straight with this one. I think in this case even hand piecing the squares would have been a good idea since the stars did not align for me perfectly. So, it's sort of an oops and sort of not. I still think it's pretty even if it's imperfect. It's not a big quilt and it's just the right size for Scarlet to snuggle with. She likes it so and it was for her.

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