Wednesday, December 18, 2013

two tone mittens

I finished up these mittens over 2 days. The pattern is Jenny Gordy's: Purl Ridge Mittens however, I omitted the ridges for these. I might try again with the ridges in a solid. The yarn was purchased last Fall at Purl Soho and I've misplaced the tag but I am pretty sure it's Cascade Eco Duo. The pattern calls for Aran and this is worsted but, fits well. I love that each one is slightly different from the other. I'm not always a fan of variegated..this time it really suits me though. The thumb construction which is held and then picked up with a few extra stitches on the sides and knit in the round (does this make sense?)is the perfect thumb in my opinion. I am excited about those thumbs.

I have another cold (boo!) and it's been really hard to get as much done as I would like. Baking hasn't even happened yet. Knitting thankfully is one thing besides the everyday stuff that I can pretty much always do. A lot of my ideas and half finished projects are going to have to wait for the new year.

I called these Two-Tone mittens after a store I used to frequent in Montclair and work at on Sundays for awhile. Ah, and here is a photo of the lady who was my friend/boss.

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