Tuesday, December 4, 2012

advent calendar

I always wanted to make an advent calendar for the kids but, just never made the time for it and when I saw this kit I knew it would be the one. I love the little drawers and the limitation of putting something tiny in each box. I love tiny! It could be a note stating a fun activity for the day, a piece of chocolate or a little toy that they find each day. So far, it has been toys and chocolate.

This kit is fun to put together. It requires some sanding and then you have to assemble each box with glue. You then need to collage, paint or glitter the front of each one and attach the numbers. I like that the inside is free to decorate in different ways. I have been playing with a few designs but, I am pretty happy with this for now.

The kit is made by Kaisercraft.
Thanks to Amy who found this kit and inspired me.

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Amelia Plum said...

that's a really cute idea, and i love that you can perosnalize it. where did you purchase it? online somewhere?