Monday, July 2, 2012

garden flowers

Lots of beautiful bouquets around the house today.

This one is from my volunteer work at the herb garden at the Durand Hedden House where we started watering today.

one from some plants gathered around the house today while making sun prints.

and this gorgeous one from a friend who made me dinner

and took me for a trip to the ER from an adverse reaction to a bee sting I got on Saturday that kept swelling. My finger and hand were puffed up quite a bit. Considering the really bad reaction I got last year from a sting I am well allergic to bees at least it is not anaphylaxis.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I hope your hand has healed and those flowers are beautiful as well as Scarlet.xoL

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Sew Nancy
Fantastic job! Thanks for the post. I really liked being here. Can’t wait for more…