Friday, April 2, 2010

Uncle Wiggily Longears

Uncle Wiggily wanted to wish you a Happy Spring Weekend and a basket full of sweets.

(These are my Mom's dolls from the 1940's and I just love them)


urban craft said...

I want an uncle wiggly longears too! Classic vintage. nice.

jenn said...

love these two!

melissa said...

happy easter to you and your family! love these vintage dolls.

misako mimoko said...

Thank you for sharing!!! love love love them!!
those painted eyes are just great, and the long eras and hands... beautiful!
Happy Spring to you too :)

the snail and the cyclops said...

you were so completely right - I adore them!!! Happy Easter!!!

Evie said...

oh wow what absolute treasures. thank you for sharing your mums dolls with us x hope you've had a happy easter x