Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wool and Violets


It’s been a long time.
I wanted to share with you that I opened a online store this month. It is still a work in progress really but it’s getting there.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Art in The Time of Resistance

Last week to view our latest show, Art in The Time of Resistance. 

I have several pieces in the show.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

summer romper

I sewed a new romper for Scarlet for summer in orange linen and may even make one more. I made her the same one last year in navy.

This romper is a success in terms of it being a nice pattern, easy to make but not boring and getting worn a lot and wearing very well.

I will try to be better and catch up on all my projects- sewing, knitting, art, weaving and life happenings, family, girls scouts, art shows, gardening, work on a more regular basis. I'm not able to promise but, I will try to post more often because I'm leaving a lot out here and I like it to be a more steady journal.

liberty bloomers

Well it's no surprise but, here are some Liberty of London bloomers that went into the etsy shop earlier this month. I love the bright and sunny prints on these.

floral wreath

Earlier this month at garden club, the intermediate floral challenge was to make a fresh floral fairy crown. Here is the one I submitted which won first place. I used Sweet William and Carnations and hand dyed silk ribbon.

 Next month's challenge is to make an underwater design which I've never done. Eek! Any tips?

In other garden club news, I am on the board of directors and have taken on the Durand-Hedden garden which is a beautiful herb garden behind a historical home. If you type Durand-Hedden in my search field you should pull up some images I have taken there over the years.

paper weaving

 I thought it would be need to try a paper weaving project this year and plan to have 365 flowers captured to represent each day of the year. Here is a photo I took of it a few weeks ago.

wall hangings

i've been continuing to make my wool, metal and wood wall hangings and have added a new shape into them- the triangle. I also sell these at Ma/Da in Maplewood. I don't have them yet for sale in my shop but, let me know if you are interested in one. The peach and blue are hand -dyed wools that I dyed myself.