Friday, January 12, 2007

A Tea Party

Oh what fun a make-believe tea party organized by Ms. Risa
I do so love dressing up in my fancy tea clothes.

And, look shall I bring my Beatrix Potter cup

and bowl
to collect my treats.
I've got some cream and sugar

some candies and 2 cookies and crystallized rose petals for all -



Miau said...

That dress is so dreamy :) I love it! you look great.

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart! Where, oh where did you find the Alice in Wonderland dishes? MUST HAVE! And that dress is divine!

Anonymous said...

Yes, where did those dishes come from????I agree that the dress up is the best part!!

sew nancy said...

The Alice dishes are from
They are located in NYC.

Anastasia said...

oh how lovely! your outfit is perfect as are the Alice plates and beatrix potter cups - I always drink from my sons tea cup - so cute!!