Friday, April 6, 2007

this is a happy house!

Today is the day, the day of days - our Mini Swap party!

I will begin by quoting Little M - WOW!

The lovely Patricia spoiled us to no end. Not 1 but, 2 APRONS= a art smock + a personalized kitchen helper apron. And, let's not forget tons of goodies and the most awesome recipes. Also, everything was packaged so nicely.

Goodies included: bubbles, playdoh, 2 pinwheels, mini baking stuff- tart pan, bundt pan, loaf pan, a rolling pin, 3 cookie cutters. And for Mama- a Green and Black Organic Dark Chocolate bar (how did she know I love Green and Black's chocolate? + I just finished off one last night and there was no chocolate in the house..the perfect in-between to get me through to Sunday). Then, the lovely tea bag coasters that she sewed for me with lavender inside.

Now, let's talk about the recipes. I would never have thought of these but, making these with Little M is going to be so much fun. I think he will be really excited about these...Kool Aid Playdoh, Butter and Ice Cream (yum).

Thank you so much Patricia, Stephen, Marley and Madyson! You really made our day.

Now, just as fun as receiving these gifts was making an apron and sending goodies to Hanna and Ann. I made Hanna a butterfly apron that I designed. It ties with ribbon on both sides with the intention of it being able to fit her over several years. I themed the recipes around butterfly's as well. I also sent along lollipops, ric-rac sewing trim and mini flowers for Ann to craft with, wooden H's, a sticker and make your own photo magnets.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful swap! Your little baker is too cute!