Friday, May 24, 2013

floral arranging: week three

wax flower, sage and forget-me-not

wax flower and lily-of-the-valley

This week in floral arranging the lesson is about making a floral head wreath. I wanted a white palate and chose wax flower and lily of the valley. Though I do like this it did not turn out airy or wispy. This was due to the fact that my mini bouquets were a bit dense and I was missing one type of flower that would give it this quality. In retrospect, I think a little bit of greenery may have worked here.

I made a second one. Since I was not finding what I wanted at the market I decided to take a closer look around the yard. I still had some wax flower and decided to pair this with forget-me-not and sage which had flowered. I like the result and the forget-me-not does help achieve the look I was after.

I will continue experimenting with crowns over the summer. I bought extra supplies and there are so many flowers I'd like to try out.


Celia Jean said...

Hi Nancy, I can't tell you enough how adorable this flower crown is! I really like it's simplicity. Plus, your model shows it well ;)

I have signed up for the flower arranging class for next month and am more excited then ever to begin after seeing your work.

Min said...

I love this! It's just precious. I want to make flower crowns for my future kiddos.

Amelia Plum said...

little miss scarlet is so adorable and the crown is perfectly lovely on top of that gorgeous blonde hair. adorable little flower crown. she's a lucky girl to have you as her mommy