Thursday, October 28, 2010

pants with leg warmers

The pants with leg warmers from Carefree Clothes for Girls came together this week. Actually, the knitting of the leg warmers started yesterday afternoon and I managed to get both pairs done and sewn onto the pants. The pants were started several days ago.

I decided last night that these would be part of Ms. S's halloween costume and her first party was at school this morning which was very cute and followed by coffee at one of the Mom's houses.

For the pants I used beautiful cream knit fabric and for the leg warmers I used a tweed wool.

I have been wanting to make clothes from Carefree Clothes For Girls since I got it. I have done three or four of the accessories so far however, the clothing patterns all start at size 4. We are not there yet so, they would need to be resized for my little lady.
Here's what I did with the pants:

-skipped adding the seam allowance when cutting out
-sewed a narrow seam about 1/4"

(she is a size 2 in pants)
It all worked out perfectly. The seams were then serged.

These pants are very comfortable and soft and she took to them right away though we decided this morning to wear knee socks underneath because the wool was a bit itchy. I moved the back patch to the side and sewed a little white pom pom that I made to the back for a tail.

I will show you the kids in their costumes soon. They have two events tomorrow and then the real deal on Sunday.

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Amy said...

Cute! I made one dress from the book but I want to make more from it.