Tuesday, September 11, 2007

thrifting weekend - part 1

This weekend I did a bit of thrifting which I love.
Saturday, was a block long gate sale. Here we have gate sales rather than garage sales since hardly anyone has a garage. I didn't find anything I really wanted at these although I did find a wooden train puzzle for Little M so it wasn't a complete loss.
Sunday, I went to a book sale at a church and next to it was a big flea market and auction. I didn't bid on anything but I did find a few really great items.

Here is a photo of the dolls I found. I paid $6 total for all of them. They all look handmade to me and quite old. The double headed one I believe is called an awake-asleep doll but, I could just be making that up. They need to be cleaned and a little bit of sewing repair but, I think they are pretty interesting. Anyone have any tips for cleaning old cloth dolls? Or any knowledge of the history on the dolls shown here? I hope to get around to doing some research on these soon.

I'll save some of my other finds for posts throughout the week.


Anonymous said...

The doll with two heads is called a topsy-turvy doll. I've seen several different styles of these, some like the one you found have an asleep face and an awake face, some have a white face and a black face and some are Cinderella w/a sad face in her work clothes and then a happy face in her ballgown.

SunshineCityLassie said...

Lucky find!

lonelymonalisa said...

I use baby wipes to clean cloth dolls. They smell good too. Just be careful and check a spot first before you do the whole thing to make sure it doesn't bleed, but that is what I have used in the past for spot cleaning.